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Silicone Industry Manufacturer of promotional gifts in Silicone PVC ABS LDPE

Silicone Industry Co Ltd Manufacturer of promotional gifts

Established in 2002, Fuzhou Silicone Industry Co. Ltd., is one of the main manufacturers in China of all type of accessories and injected items mainly made out of silicone and PVC, and secondary we use other polymers such as ABS, PS, PP or others depending on the type of product.
We mainly produce silicone gadgets as wristbands, rubber necklaces, 2D and 3D soft PVC key chains, silicone watches, customized silicone bangles, silicone kitchenware,  apart from other different products as a wide range of sport advertising items.
Our affordable Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) lets us take small, medium and big quantity orders. We don’t just believe in big orders. We believe in attending small and medium orders as well.
Principally, we attend Advertising Agencies, distributors,  and Importers of promotional gadgets. But we do have other type of clients that work with brands for other commercial purposes like retail or self-consumption for example. Our list of clients is wide as we’ve been exporting to all over the world since 2002.

Factory Fuzhou Silicone Industry, manufacturer of promotional gifts made in silicone and PVC
In our factory in Fuzhou we have 96 experienced and skilled workers,  that comprehend production line workers, purchasing department, logistics department and experienced industrial designers that can develop any special project, starting from a single draft or any proposal. We can design and manufacture any injected plastic product made out in Silicone, PVC or other materials, according to our client’s needs or the technical product possibilities.
We manufacture all the molds in our own plant, which give us the advantage that we make them ourselves and we are able to test them and correct them before the production. That give us the strength to offer delivery time between 7 to 15 days, depending on the product complexity and the material that has to be injected.
Almost everything is made in our factory, we’re constantly researching and innovating with other raw materials, since our group is has been always opened to I+D in the plastic field during more than 10 years. We’ve been making tests with Silicone, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene material, PET, ABS… to be able to assume new technologies, and new options to our clients. Every year we develop new articles to increase our range products, to keep being a leading manufacturer in the field of plastic merchandising.
Most of our sales are exported to Europe, North America and South America. We deal with all the sales from our branch located in Spain. We believe that our factory has to deal with product development and productions, and our sales office has to deal with inquiries, sales and getting the feedback from our clients to improve our services and products.
All our products are manufactured under the license and supervision of Reclamstation Imp. Exp. located in Spain as well as our sales office.
When we sell any product we always give the option of FOB, EX-WORKS, CIF and DDU conditions, as we have very competitive agreements with the main courier companies such as UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX… and with some forwarding companies for the option of cargo shipping (sea and air freight). We believe that we have to give a full service to our clients, no matter what the quantity is.
It’s our responsibility to assure everyone a short delivery time (as well as it’s possible depending on our production line status),a good product quality, a fair price (not the lowest, as good quality cannot be offered at a lowest price) and no import duties.
During our history, all the clients that have purchased our product have highly appreciated all these points. Even that, we keep asking for the feedback to each client to keep satisfying our present and our future clients.
A good design, an excellent service, a good quality and reasonable prices are our permanent research and goals.
Any client is welcome to visit our factory, as a lot of people has done during all these years, supporting and collaborating with us.
Once our company has been introduced to you, we want to tell that we totally believe that you can trust in our professionalism.
Be sure that, to purchase our products means that you buy from a factory directly, and you can take the advantage of avoiding unnecessary and expensive intermediation that increases the prices.
We hope to see you soon!
Silicone Industry manufacturer of promotional gifts made in silicone PVC abs ldpe

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Established in 2002, Fuzhou Silicone Industry Co. Ltd. is one of the main manufacturers in China of all type of accessories in silicone and PVC injected, mainly bracelets of silicone, rubber necklaces, kitchenware silicone series, ipod silicone case, 3D keychains in pvc , etc ...
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