Custom shaped stress reliever / Custom stress reliever step by step

We manufacture anti stress fully customized articles.

Can not find the object that represents your company or not is the anti stress that reflects the main activity of your business or advertising campaign can contact us so that we value the special manufacturing its own anti stress article article.
Project your corporate image or get item perfect anti stress for promotional activity.

For inquiries or quotes contact us and we will inform you in more detail on features, customization options, prices and minimum units.

We try the following images show the whole process of creation and development of any anti stress fully customized manufactured article.

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Original model for develop stress reliever

2d model to develop antistress

Model 3d mesh view

3D model panda bear with horn Pandicornio Color

Antistress manufacturing from mold

Painted and dried antistress relievers

Finished antistress relievers

Individual polybag and packing

Original model on which it bases the article antiestres

Development of stress reliever custom manufacturing

Sample or model anti stress test custom manufacturing

Stress reliever manufacture personalized Barrel

Stress reliver design and manufacture custom-tailored labeling

Preparation and shipment of goods custom manufacturing